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You're here because you're interested in predicting the market, and making money. You're thinking about the possibility of making some extra money. Maybe even dreaming about trading for a living. For most people this is practically impossible. Studies show that only about one person out of every hundred really make money trading. You're here because you think you can do it. You want to make money, and I can teach you to do just that.

The perks of Bull's-Eye Broker

The Bull's-Eye Broker software is based around one profitable strategy that has been around for over one hundred years. The owner of Bull's-Eye has been a profitable trader since 1996. He hated seeing so many people try and fail at trading. He wants to give the opportunity for traders of all experience.

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Within a few minutes of purchasing the software you're ready to make the first trade. Along with help inside the software you get a FREE Ebook on the Point and Figure Method. The software is so intuitive complete beginners have no problem picking it up and becoming comfortable with the software in less than a day.


The Point and Figure Method has been proven profitable in top university research, and is being used everyday in the markets by many of the top traders in the world. The Point and Figure Method is integrated in every aspect in the Bull's-Eye Broker software. It makes it easy to see which trades will most likely be the most profitable with the method.


The Bull's-Eye Broker software has zero recurring fees. Unlike 99% of other trading software that costs multiple hundreds of dollars every month, we sell our software for only a one-time fee.

Professionals Use it

This software is used by thousands of full time traders. They trust the quality information, the accuracy of the charts, and the Point and Figure Method that is fully integrated into the software.

Have Zero Worries Purchasing the Software

Feel confident purchasing the software. You will be getting profitable trades just like other trader around the world. You can always ask us questions and see where your trades are off. We simply want you to be profitable.

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Professionals use Bull's-Eye Broker:

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Letter From the Owner


My name is Carl Jacob, and I am ecstatic you have found my business the Bull's-Eye Broker.

Bull's-Eye Broker has been the number one Point and Figure software since 2001. That's one and a half decades! P&F has in turn been a simple and profitable way to follow the markets for several decades.

I am a professional Equity Options Trader at a proprietary trading firm. I use Bull's-Eye Broker, and the Point and Figure Method as the foundation in my own trading. I provide the same software and methodology to you.

I love to combine my passions: trading, technical analysis and software development. Before I became a professional trader trading with OPM (Other People's Money) I worked in the industry in various positions for a decade, analyst, specialist, team manager, and I have been participating in the markets in one way or another since 1996. My first trade ever was profitable and I've been hooked ever since. Thousands of trades later I am fascinated by the possibilities of the markets. I'm in love with how a string of profitable trades has life-changing effects. A calculated week of trades can give you the financial freedom you've been working toward for years.

I am running the Bull's-Eye Broker business in addition to my trading, and I am dedicated to provide you the means to trade and invest profitably by using the Point and Figure Method. This is the very same methodology that has been used by the most successful traders ever like legendary traders Jay Gould, Richard D. Wyckoff, and Jesse Livermore, to today's professional traders. I know many great traders today who use P&F as their bread and butter method of finding their best trades. I want to spread this knowledge, and help other people reach their goals with trading and investing.

I want to support you in becoming a better investor and trader. Maybe you're just starting out and are testing the waters. Maybe you're a seasoned veteran who is upset by the limited features of the software you're using now. I'm 100% confident that Bull's-Eye Broker and P&F will be a huge benefit to you. I'm so confident because I have used it myself for over a decade, and I've seen it work.

Sincerely, Carl Jacob

P.S. Download Bull's-Eye Broker now if you are finally convinced. It changed my life and I'm sure it'll change yours.

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